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We are the piece you've been missing.

Take your business to the next level with our part-time CEO, COO, and HR services. Whether you need high level leadership to help you break through the ceiling or high level organization and structure brought to your business. Not ready for a long-term commitment? Schedule a one-on-one meeting for personal improvement or simply to help you find solutions to the problems you're facing.

Our Fractional CEO helps save you money, free up your time, and creates less stress for your company, while bringing a level of experience to help you make the right decisions and increase the efficiency of your business. Make the changes necessary to thrive in any economic climate.

  • Culture and Organization

  • Direction and Goal Setting

  • Purpose and Values

  • Action Plans and Strategy

  • Potential Barriers and Solutions


Our Fractional COO brings the structure needed for consistency in your company from top to bottom so that you can scale towards long-term growth. This expert helps give you an eagle's eye view of your company and is dedicated to helping you work on your business not just in your business.

  • Core Processes and Structure

  • Implementation and Development

  • Efficiency and Productivity

  • Key Performance Indicators and Measurable's

  • Performance and Accountability


Our Human Resources team provides the expertise and customization you need to build or further develop your HR department. Our team can assess and evaluate your current HR department, assist with specialized projects, or be the long-term solution you need so that nothing falls through the cracks. 

  • Projects

  • Temporary Assignments

  • Outsourcing

  • Coaching

  • Staffing

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Don't need the consistent experience of a part-time executive? Problem solve and improve on growth through a one-on-one meeting with a fractional executive. We partner with you one session at a time to give you the ideas and tools to move you and your company forward.

  • Culture and Workplace Issues

  • Success Coaching and Leadership Training

  • Business Advisory

  • Performance and Motivation

  • Work-Life Balance

Brent Profile Pic.jpeg

Brent Saba
Saba Capital Partners

"CCG accelerates the growth of your business by helping you, the business owner, remain in your sweet-spot. You can focus on the things you love to do while knowing the rest of your business is in good hands."


Barb Waress
Stouffer Realty

"There is no better feeling knowing that same passion and integrity that you pour into your business is matched by someone who cares about your business as much as you do. You can trust CCG to do just that!"


Terry Hanson
The Triad Group

"Don't get caught in the vicious cycle of working behind, a cycle that is normal for many business owners. CCG provides exceptional business strategies that place your company on the pathway to success...permanently."



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