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Custom Consulting Group

Plan. Implement. Execute.

Start your journey towards transformation.

Who we are.

We are a management consulting firm who believes that you can achieve work-life balance as you build your business. We are business owners who value family, time, and profit.
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Is there a difference between Business Coaching and Management Consulting?

Business Coaching

  • Focused on Mindsets, Motivation, and Emotions of business owner

  • Motivate and discuss business owners feelings

  • Pseudo-Business Therapist

  • Validate Issues and concerns of business owner

  • Inspire you to the be the best version of yourself

  • There are currently 116,000+ Business Coaches in US

Management Consulting

  • Focused on Proven Methods, Strategies, and Action Plans

  • Hold the business owner and leadership accountable

  • Experienced in process and profitability 

  • Implement and execute custom-tailored strategies

  • Data-driven results

  • There are currently 21,000+ Small Business Mgmt. Consulting Firms in US

- Forbes Magazine Article 2018

What we do.

At Custom Consulting Group, our patent-pending CCG Transformation Roadmap empowers our clients to achieve their strategic goals, optimize their talent acquisition and retention, enhance their operations and processes, while driving financial success through advanced analytics. 


Strategy & Planning

Unleash your full potential and grow 3 times faster than your competition. We will guide and support you through our strategic planning process, ensuring that your needs, goals and objectives are not only met but exceeded.

People & Culture

Accelerate your organization's results through the power of your people and teams. Increase productivity by 12% and experience a 4 times increase in revenue. Together, through our talent assessment tools, we will attract and retain exceptional talent, while navigating and excelling through organizational change.


Operations & Processes

Optimize your organization's potential with enhanced processes and operational efficiencies. Experience a 21% increase in revenue and a 17 times return on investment from working with CCG. Leverage our proven methods and expertise to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, aligning your operations with your company's mission and strategy.

Analytics & Financials

Achieve financial excellence by unlocking the potential of data to drive your organization's success, and experience a 25% reduction in expenses and excess spending.  

Leverage key metrics to maximize profits and eliminate wasteful spending on your transformation journey.

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Your Transformation Journey


Once your business has found its rhythm by implementing the CCG Transformation Roadmap, our expert guidance remains available to help you tackle any unforeseen challenges. We are committed to providing ongoing support tailored to your business goals and needs.

Our ongoing consulting and mentoring empowers you to continue achieving your goals. We are dedicated to guiding and supporting you in unlocking your full potential and conquering future challenges.

Executing your custom-tailored strategy is at the core of our commitment to every client. We are dedicated to implementing your plan for the future, necessary changes, and your transformation roadmap.

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Read to talk?

We work with ambitious leaders who want to define the future. Together, we achieve extraordinary results.

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