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CCG restores Nursing Services Company

Updated: Feb 5

Nurse Care Professionals


This case study explores how a leading management consulting firm, Custom Consulting Group, played a vital role in assisting Nurse Care Professionals, a small-sized nursing company, to manage expenses, increase patient satisfaction, and create a thriving growing workforce.

Challenges Faced by Nurse Care Professionals:

Increasing costs: Rising costs of care, employment costs, and a lack of operational processes resulting in rising expenses and quality issues.

Declining Patient Satisfaction: Due to the company’s inability to quickly respond to challenges and high employee turnover patient satisfaction was declining rapidly.

Stagnant Workforce: Had an urgent need of filling 30+ nursing positions without a clear hiring process, employment structures, or developed compensation packages.

Engagement with Custom Consulting Group:

Streamlining Operations: Reengineered patient care processes, reducing unnecessary steps and improving the flow of care.

Implemented SOPs: Developed Standard Operating Procedures to enhance accountability, information sharing and reduce paperwork.

Cost Reduction: Negotiated better supplier contracts to lower the cost of medical supplies. Consolidated administrative functions to reduce overhead expenses and save on employment costs.

Quality Improvement: Implemented regular training programs for the nursing staff to enhance their skills and knowledge. Introduced patient feedback mechanisms and established a continuous improvement culture.

Workforce Management: Developed a value-based system that allowed for more flexibility and increased staff satisfaction. Introduced performance-based incentives to motivate and retain staff.

Results Achieved:

Cost Reduction: Operating costs decreased by 15%, resulting in improved profit margins.

Quality Improvement: Patient satisfaction scores increased by 20%, leading to better word-of-mouth referrals and positive online reviews.

Workforce Management: Staff turnover decreased by 25% due to improved scheduling and incentives, leading to a more stable and experienced workforce.


Custom Consulting Group set this business owner free by helping them overcome operational challenges and achieve substantial improvements in cost reduction, quality, and workforce management. By implementing innovative solutions and focusing on the client's specific needs, the consulting firm successfully transformed the nursing company into a more efficient and patient-centered organization.

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