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Our Story

The idea of Custom Consulting Group started in 2010 while working for a small business in Barberton, OH. It was there that we helped lead a growing and thriving business. However, as the business grew the owner’s passion for his business started to diminish as new roles and responsibilities were forced upon him. Because this, the owner was forced to operate outside of his sweet-spot, his business suffered, and so did he.


Custom Consulting Group was officially formed in 2014 with the passion to set business owners free. You should not have to suffer to see your business grow. It is our belief that business owners can find their freedom while building their business. The idea that you should have to sacrifice your time, your money, and your family for an indefinite number of years before you experience freedom is simply not true. You can experience the most freedom you have ever had, while building the most successful business you have ever owned!


In 2019 the Fill Expand Design (FED) was born. This patent pending design helps your business achieve balance through its growth phase to ensure your focus is set on the right things at the right time. Our fractional executive services operate from the foundation of this design, so that you can have the peace of mind that your business is moving in the right direction and achieving growth the will be sustained for years to come.


Our passion is to re-ignite your excitement by helping you work ON your business and not just IN your business. Through the implementation and execution of our fractional executive services, you will find yourself operating back in your sweet-spot doing exactly what you were meant to do! 

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Tim has his B.S. in Counseling and his Masters in Business Administration. He previously held leadership roles within several Fortune 500 companies and is an expert in business strategy and change management. He is a versatile and results-driven leader with a strong understanding of operational and financial management, and how they relate to business growth. In 2020 Tim played a vital role in increasing revenue of a real estate company by 65%, surpassing $8 million in revenue.