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Passion.  Experience.  Diligence.  

Tim has previously held leadership roles within several Fortune 500 companies and is an expert in business strategy and change management. He is a versatile and results-driven leader with a strong understanding of operational and financial management, and how they relate to business growth. In 2018 Tim played a vital role in increasing revenue of a Fortune 500 company by 8%, surpassing $11 billion in revenue. 
Diana previously taught at Stark State College and the University of Akron as a professor for 10 years where she taught business and engineering students. She is an exceptional communicator and is an expert analyst. Diana has a strong understanding of organizational improvement, and how each piece of an organization should work together to acheive its maximum potential.
Jonathan previously held a leadership role within the sixth largest U.S. accounting and advisory organization in world. While there he effectively collaborated with human resource associates, controllers, financial directors, and CFOs on key corporate documents and processes. He is a strategic thinker who has guided many companies with calculated decisions that sustain their long-term growth strategy. His clients have included a 300 million dollar steel company and the Cleveland Browns.

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