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CCG Builds Real Estate Investment Company

Updated: Feb 5

Ridgewood Homes


This case study explores how a leading management consulting firm, Custom Consulting Group, played a pivotal role in assisting Ridgewood Homes, a small-sized real estate investment company, with a diverse portfolio that includes single-family, multi-units, and fix and flip properties. While they had a strong presence in the local market, they faced several challenges that impeded their growth and profitability.

Challenges Faced by Ridgewood Homes:

Inefficient Portfolio Management: The company's portfolio was not optimally balanced, with several underperforming assets and a lack of diversification.

Data Management: Ridgewood Homes struggled with managing their data, which hindered their decision-making processes and hindered their ability to identify profitable opportunities.

Operational Inefficiencies: The company had redundant and time-consuming operational processes, resulting in higher costs and slower response times.

Market Research: Ridgewood Homes lacked in-depth market research and analysis capabilities, limiting their ability to make informed investment decisions.

Engagement with Custom Consulting Group:

Ridgewood Homes decided to engage the services of Custom Consulting Group, a renowned management consulting firm with a strong track record in the real estate industry. CCG was selected for their expertise in real estate strategy, data analytics, and operational efficiency improvement.

Portfolio Optimization: CCG conducted a comprehensive analysis of Ridgewood Homes’ existing portfolio. Through careful assessment, they identified underperforming assets and recommended a strategy to divest from non-strategic properties while acquiring more promising opportunities in growth areas. This allowed the client to rebalance their portfolio for better returns.

Data Management and Analytics: CCG implemented a robust data management system that aggregated and organized data from various sources. This data was then subjected to advanced analytics and modeling to identify trends, assess risks, and forecast market dynamics. This enabled Ridgewood Homes to make data-driven decisions regarding asset acquisition, pricing, and leasing.

Process Streamlining: CCG introduced process optimization techniques, which streamlined various operational procedures, reduced costs, and improved overall efficiency. Automation was incorporated into repetitive tasks, and standard operating procedures were established to enhance consistency and minimize errors.

Market Research and Analysis: CCG created a dedicated research and analysis team to provide the client with up-to-date market insights and competitor analysis. This allowed Ridgewood Homes to identify emerging trends and investment opportunities promptly.

Results Achieved:

Improved Portfolio Performance: The divestment of underperforming assets and strategic acquisitions led to a 25% increase in the overall portfolio's ROI within the first year.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: With the new data analytics capabilities, Ridgewood Homes identified a previously overlooked market niche, resulting in a 15% increase in revenue.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency: Operational improvements resulted in a 20% reduction in operational costs, allowing for more resources to be directed towards strategic initiatives.

Market Leadership: With superior market research and analysis, Ridgewood Homes now has a reputation for being well-informed, which has attracted more investors and partners.


The collaboration between Ridgewood Homes and Custom Consulting Group led to the owner finding his freedom again, traveling with his family, and giving back to his community. By addressing portfolio optimization, data management, operational efficiency, and market research, the consulting firm helped Ridgewood Homes achieve remarkable success, positioning them as a leader in the competitive real estate market.

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