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Strategy & Plannig

Start here with our Design/FE approach that balances organizational values and profitability, creating a common language that defines success. This approach guides all business activities towards the same direction that remains true to your identity.

  • Company Identity

  • Core Values

  • Value Proposition

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Annual Planning

  • Goals and Targets

  • Succession Planning


People & Culture

Healthy Organizational Models are the foundation of how you assess, acquire, and retain talent that embraces your culture. Our EA/40 approach will guide your company by positioning your culture so that you can achieve the right goals with the right people.

  • Organizational Models

  • Talent Assessments

  • Talent Acquisition & Retention

  • Candidate Screening & Onboarding

  • Leadership Development & Training

  • Culture Change

People & Culture

Operations & Processes

Leverage our expertise to optimize your organization's operations and processes, aligning them with your company's mission and strategy. As an extension of your team, we will focus on opportunities that ensure your operation metrics are creating the desired systems that define successful outcomes.

  • Core Processes

  • Operational Efficiences

  • Process Improvement

  • Support Functions

  • Supply Chain Analysis

Operatons & Processes

Analytics & Financials

Unlock your organization's potential by utilizing data-driven decision making. Maximize profits and eliminate wasteful spending on your transformation journey with key metrics and leading indicators.

  • Performance Dashboards

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Profitability Analysis

  • P&L Management

  • Product/Service Pricing

Analytics & Financials
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