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CCG helps Establish Exteriors Company

Updated: Feb 5

Overwood Exteriors


Overwood Exteriors, a leading provider of exterior home improvement services, sought the expertise of Custom Consulting Group to enhance their operational efficiency, refine their strategic direction, and expand their market presence. This case study provides an overview of the partnership, the challenges faced by Overwood Exteriors, CCG’s approach, and the outcomes achieved.

Challenges Faced by Overwood Exteriors:

Operational Inefficiency: Overwood Exteriors had inconsistent project management and resource allocation, leading to increased project turnaround times and costs.

Competitive Pressure: The exteriors industry was becoming increasingly competitive, and Overwood Exteriors needed to identify strategies to stand out in a crowded market.

Limited Geographic Reach: Despite being a well-established local player, Overwood Exteriors aimed to expand its services into neighboring regions to capture new markets.

Engagement with Custom Consulting Group:

Operational Analysis: CCG conducted an in-depth analysis of Overwood Exteriors' operations, identifying bottlenecks, redundancies, and areas for improvement.

Strategic Planning: A customized strategic plan was developed, emphasizing differentiation strategies, market expansion, and cost reduction measures.

Process Optimization: CCG assisted Overwood Exteriors in streamlining its project management, resource allocation, and supply chain operations to increase efficiency.

Marketing and Branding Strategy: A strategic plan was crafted to help Overwood Exteriors differentiate itself in a competitive market and expand into new geographic areas.

Results Achieved:

Improved Operational Efficiency: The implementation of process improvements led to a 20% reduction in project turnaround times, resulting in significant cost savings.

Market Expansion: Overwood Exteriors successfully expanded its services into neighboring regions, increasing its market reach and revenue.

Enhanced Competitive Position: Through a refined business strategy, Overwood Exteriors established a unique value proposition, helping them stand out in a competitive market.

Increased Profitability: The combined efforts of operational optimization and market expansion led to a 15% increase in profitability within the first year.


The collaboration between Overwood Exteriors and Custom Consulting Group resulted in substantial improvements in operational efficiency, market expansion, and profitability. By helping the client find their freedom with our customized approach, CCG helped Overwood Exteriors position itself as a stronger and more competitive player in the exteriors industry.

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