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CCG Rebrands Dental Practice

Updated: Feb 5

Sunshine Dental Logo


This case study delves into the successful rebranding efforts of a dental office, referred to as "Sunshine Dental," with the assistance of Custom Consulting Group. Sunshine Dental offered a comprehensive range of dental services, from routine check-ups to cosmetic procedures. Despite providing high-quality care, Sunshine Dental faced challenges related to its branding, patient experience, and online presence.

Challenges Faced by Sunshine Dental:

Outdated Branding: The existing brand identity was stale, lacked differentiation, and didn't resonate with modern dental consumers.

Stagnant Patient Growth: The patient base had plateaued, and the practice was struggling to attract new patients.

Online Visibility: Sunshine Dental had a minimal online presence and required a more effective digital marketing strategy.

Engagement with Custom Consulting Group:

To address these challenges, Sunshine Dental enlisted the expertise of Custom

Consulting Group, a management consulting firm renowned for its ability to rejuvenate brands and improve operational efficiency. The consulting project focused on the following key areas:

Brand Rejuvenation: Custom Consulting Group conducted a comprehensive brand analysis, which included competitor benchmarking and patient surveys. They then developed a new brand identity, encompassing a modern logo, fresh color palette, and a compelling tagline that highlighted the practice's commitment to patient care and comfort.

Patient Experience Enhancement: Custom Consulting Group assessed the patient journey from booking appointments to post-treatment follow-ups. They introduced training for staff to improve customer service and streamline appointment scheduling and reminders.

Online Presence: Custom Consulting Group revamped Sunshine Dental's website, ensuring it was responsive, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines (SEO). A content marketing plan was also implemented, featuring blog posts on oral health, treatment options, and patient testimonials.

Results Achieved:

The collaboration with Custom Consulting Group had a significant impact on Sunshine Dental's brand and performance:

Increased New Patient Acquisition: The rebranding efforts attracted new patients seeking modern, high-quality dental care. Within the first year, new patient acquisition increased by 30%.

Enhanced Patient Retention: The improved patient experience, from appointment scheduling to post-treatment follow-ups, increased patient retention rates by 25%.

Strong Online Presence: Sunshine Dental's new website and content marketing strategy boosted its online visibility. This led to a 40% increase in website traffic, which in turn contributed to new patient growth.

Positive Patient Feedback: Patient surveys showed a significant uptick in patient satisfaction scores, with patients citing the updated brand and improved customer service as reasons for their positive experiences.

Increased Revenue: The combination of increased patient numbers and improved patient retention led to a notable boost in overall revenue.


The transformation of Sunshine Dental's brand and patient experience through management consulting illustrates the power of strategic rebranding and operational improvements in a healthcare setting. By recognizing the need to evolve and enlisting the expertise of Custom Consulting Group, Sunshine Dental positioned itself as a modern, patient-focused dental practice, achieving notable business growth and enhanced patient satisfaction. The dentist is living out her freedom and loving the new life found in her practice.

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