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CCG helps engineering firm acquire and retain talent

Updated: Feb 5


XYZ Engineering Firm, is a locally owned full service engineering firm, faced several challenges in maintaining its competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market. To address these challenges, the firm sought the assistance of Custom Consulting Group. Despite their 60 year reputation for quality and integrity, they faced challenges in project management, talent acquisition and retention, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Challenges Faced by XYZ Engineering Firm:

Inefficient Project Management: The firm struggled to meet project timelines, leading to costly delays and disputes with clients.

Talent Acquisition: Struggled with finding talent that fit their culture and were aptly skilled to do the work.

Talent Retention: They had just lost several key employees to companies who could offer better overall compensation packages.

Engagement with Custom Consulting Group:

XYZ Engineering Firm engaged Custom Consulting Group, a recognized management consulting firm that focuses on streamlined solutions for small businesses, to address these issues. The consulting project encompassed several key areas:

Project Management Improvement: Custom Consulting Group conducted a thorough assessment of XYZ's project management processes. They identified bottlenecks, proposed streamlined workflows, and recommended better usage of their project management software.

Talent Acquisition: Custom Consulting Group developed a new company vision and mission, tagline, and values to attract new talent based on the company’s identity not overall compensation package.

Talent Retention: Custom Consulting Group developed a career pathway customized for XYZ Engineering Firm that clearly outlined pathways for promotion and provided organization to their company structure.

Results Achieved:

The partnership with Custom Consulting Group had a transformative impact on XYZ Engineering Firm. Key results included:

Improved Project Delivery: By implementing the recommended project management improvements, XYZ reduced project delays by 20%, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Acquisition of several key employees: By clearly identifying the firm’s identity XYZ hired (3) key employees that fit their culture and were skilled in their role.

Retention of Talent: With the guidance of Custom Consulting Group, XYZ Engineering Firm successfully retained their key employees by offering them better benefits and a clear picture of what their career looks like from beginning to end.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The implementation of standardized operating procedures and best practices contributed to increased overall operational efficiency, reducing wasted resources and overhead costs.

Sustainable Growth: XYZ Engineering Firm's revenue and profit margins continue to grow consistently, cementing its position as a leader in the industry.


The collaboration between XYZ Engineering Firm and Custom Consulting Group demonstrates the significant impact management consulting can have on an engineering firm's operations, performance, and strategic growth. By addressing critical challenges in project management, talent acquisition and retention, and operating procedures, the business owner experienced freedom as his business continued to grow.

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