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How to Keep Employees from Leaving

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We are definitely in a unique climate when it comes to hiring and keeping employees. It's never been this difficult to hire, so when you do find that right employee you want to make sure they stick around for a while. Here are two simple thoughts to consider when keeping your team around for the long-run.

Sharing Valid Concerns

Sometimes when you lose a great employee or two, it's for a good reason. Obviously you can't rule out the fact that many people leave their employer for a promotion or better pay, but sometimes it can be because they don't feel valued or haven't been treated that well. Do some research. If you are not performing exit interviews for your staff, I suggest you implement those immediately. After that, check other metrics. Are your pay and benefits consistent with similar roles in similar industries? Are your policies and procedures creating a critical environment? Lastly, are there cultural changes that are necessary? Like changing the dress code, more non-work activities, or a change in hours or flexibility.

Start at the Top

Many times good employees are walking out of the door because there is a leader or manager that is mistreating them. Your company should have a protocol in place that gives your employees the freedom and liberty to anonymously comment about their superiors. If more than one person echos the same thoughts about a particular leader, you may have found your problem. We recommend you create these opportunities in some kind of monthly or quarterly review that all employees go through. At CCG we implement a 3 strike rule with our clients. We often say, "If you are made aware and still don't care, termination is fair."

Keep a close ear to the ground when it comes to your employees and your culture. Not only will this improve the morale of your company, you'll find that the benefits will also be seen in your bottom line.

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