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5 Leadership Strategies to Improve Communication

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Leading a team of people is difficult and definitely has it's share of challenges. How do you communicate effectively so that each individual actually hears what you're trying to say? These 5 helpful tips can ensure that the message you want to give to your team will be heard loud and clear without confusion.

1. Concise, Clear, and Genuine

A great way to improve your communication as a leader is to remove the fluff and get to the point. Don't be afraid to be direct. Be concise and focus on the important points that need communicated. In regards to communication, less is more.

Being concise will make your communication efforts more clear as well. With all the different platforms of communication available today, virtual meetings, face-to-face, phone, email, text, etc..., you want to be as clear as possible. Clear = Meaningful. If you want your message to be clear to your audience, make it meaningful. All of us tend to "zone out" when we think the information is not useful.

Resonate with your audience by being genuine. Let your passion and authenticity shine through in your communications. This keeps your audience engaged, and they are more likely to hear you better.

2. Use Preferred Methods

Let's be honest. Everyone of us has our own unique style of communication, and this means we have a preferred method of communication that is more effective for us. Get to know the preferred methods of communication each person values within your organization. This method can be determined by certain roles, departments, and/or age groups. It's worth knowing how to leverage preferred methods of communication from top to bottom in your organization.

3. Consistent Terminology

Have you ever said something to someone that you thought was crystal clear, only to find out that their interpretation of your message was way off? It almost makes me laugh when think about how often this happens. Your organization should have consistent terminology in all of their documentation and communications. Make sure your team knows how you define certain words within your culture, and then use the same words consistently to improve communication.

4. Culture and Values

Great communication starts with a great foundation. Save yourself a lot of headaches and heartaches. If you have not established a healthy culture and core values within your organization, do it today! Great cultures are established by great values, and great values make for great communication.

5. Clearly Communicate the "Why"

We all have a reason as to why we do what we do, and your organization should have a clear reason why it does what it does. This is the "why". To increase the effectiveness of your communication remind your team "why" they do what they do. Clearly defining the "why" within your organization is the first step down the pathway of getting everyone on the same page...together.

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