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Should I be using personality assessments within my organization?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

You've probably heard the phrase, "All business problems are people problems." In my experience working in many industries and many companies, this statement could not be any more true. If you want to find the root of your problems as a business owner, you don't have to look further than the people who make up your organization.

Why aren't companies investing more in their people? We typically spend many hours and many resources making sure we find "the right person" for a particular position, and then we let them go. Have you ever asked yourself, "Are they a fit for my company?", "Will they work well with my team?", "Do they value what I value?", " Can I trust them to work hard and be honest?". So many questions, but so little done to find the answers. If your company has never had a team session to discover your values, mission, or vision that's the first place to start. You can schedule a free consultation here to see if we can get your organization headed in the right direction.

Are personality assessments right for your organization? The answer is they are right for any organization, any business, and any industry. Fully knowing yourself and your team is a game changer! Build a culture that will launch your organization into the stratosphere but increasing transparency, effective communication, maximizing efficiency knowing you have the right people in the right places, and more! Here are 3 benefits of implementing personality assessments into your organization.

  1. Culture

The best way to improve your culture, is to improve your communication. Personality assessments give you a common language in which to discuss strengths and challenges that are present within your team. Within this common language people begin to feel known and valued at work, and it's easier for you and your team to see how everyone fits together within the big picture.

2. Construction

You can use this common language to build and construct your teams. All the way from your leadership to admins, everyone can be functioning in their sweet spots. Structure or re-structure your teams, make intentional changes in roles and/or responsibilities and hiring decisions, and delegate the right things to the right people. We often say when skill meets passion, that's when you've maximized someone's potential. Your team will work better and faster when they are utilizing their passions at whatever project needs completed.

3. Growth

The key to success at any organization is simply finding your identity and living in that identity. The same is true about the success of each individual within your company. Implementing personality assessments into the everyday fabric of your organization if foundational in knowing who you are. The key here is to be proactive not reactive. Solve the problem before it even occurs. Celebrating the successes and approaching the challenges with the right tools can transform your team where everyone feels valued. This increases loyalty and everyone feels their unique skills and personality are needed for the organization to be successful.

You can get started today with our free Personality Assessment. Take it as an individual or have your entire team participate. This is a great first step to building a long-lasting, successful, and thriving organization.

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