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Breaking the Mold: The Innovative Approach of Custom Consulting Group

Breaking the Mold

In a highly valued industry that also comes with high prices on time, materials, and projects, Custom Consulting Group is taking an innovative, fixed price, approach that gives their clients peace of mind in the small business consulting space. This model focuses on offering Consulting as a Service (CaaS), much like one would subscribe and pay a monthly fee for software. No surprises, no increases, and no contracts or commitments.

Clients receive is an experienced outsourced Executive Team for a low monthly fee. CCG helps them overcome the challenges of finding and retaining great talent, implementing and executing standard operating procedures, and levering key performance indicators (KPIs) to maximize their profit. Small businesses may pay 2x or even 3x more to bring the same level of experience in house.

"We've been providing the best service in the industry for over 7 years, and now we are excited to offer this same service at a better value to our clients."

Tim Eames, Managing Partner

Clients can sign up with CCG on a monthly basis without getting locked into an expensive contract, and they can also save thousands by paying upfront for services. This fixed pricing model falls in-line with one of their values that states, "Relationship first, money second."

"We believe true freedom begins and ends with relationships. When we care for others, that's when we are the most profitable."

You can learn more about CCG's fixed pricing model here, or schedule a free initial consultation today to get started on your journey towards freedom.


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