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Market Offerings

Set yourself apart from your competition.


Your market offerings briefly explain why the business you are proposing is unique. It gives potential customers a boost and, at the same time, a reason to do business with you and not with other competitors.

A good proposal can ease your marketing activity because it gives you a dominant position in a target market niche. When trying to find a proposal, put yourself in the place of the clients.

  • Think about the presentation of products and services from the point of view of the one who will buy them

  • Note what is really important to your customers

  • Find out why they would buy products and services from you and not from other competitors


The customers’ interest is focused on what the product can do for them, how it can help them concretely, how they can make their life easier, or how they can get rid of a certain discomfort. The goal through well positioned market offerings is to identify these pain points and resolve them.

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