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Partner, Akron Ohio


About Kemp

Kemp Boyd is a partner within C C G. He is the expert when it comes to leadership development and culture. Kemp's mission is to meet our clients where they are and take them where they need to go to make a greater impact.

Additionally, Kemp, known as "Pastor Coach", is the Executive Director of Love Akron who exists to Connect, Convene, and Collaborate with Change-Makers to make a Collective Impact. He is also the Head Football Coach of the Kenmore-Garfield Rams, and Co-Pastors at Garden City Church in Highland Square.

Kemp specializes in working with small business transformations involving corporate culture, leadership development, and DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion). He has worked with clients in many different sectors and industries, and has provided excellent influence and direction for many top leaders within Akron.

Kemp has been working with city leaders for over 10 years and brings that experience and knowledge to each of our clients in an exciting and motivating way.

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