What is a Fractional CEO?

When you need someone who is experienced in making the right decisions to move your company forward. This key person is the leader you need to take you every step of the way through each phase of growth.

The trouble for the owners of small businesses is that you shouldn’t try to be your own CEO. The truth is, you shouldn’t try to get your spouse or significant other, to function as your CEO either. And it probably makes you nervous to find another employee who depends on their salary, to be your CEO because, well there are many reasons why that might be a bad idea!

If you’ve never experienced the confidence and clarity about your business and your future that comes from working with an experienced CEO for your business, you don’t know the freedom and peace of mind you’ve been missing.


Most of our clients are entrepreneurial, have above-average ambitions to build a successful business, they’re business owners who believe in themselves enough to give themselves access to the best resources available and surround themselves with winners. And they are all people who have a sincere desire to discover the true limits of their potential.

If this seems like the sort of support you’d like to have and you’re ready to have an experienced CEO in your corner, please click here to learn more about our program and how we can help you turn your business into a thriving, growing business.


What is a Fractional COO?

The most efficient businesses depend on efficient systems. Systems are made up from thought-out policies, processes, and procedures. This is the job of a Chief Operating Officer.

They’re the “engineers” who make sure jobs are well planned-out for maximum productivity and accountability. "A" Team players like accountability. And they thrive in an environment with documented policies and procedures. It's all about setting the standards high with clear expectations, so that everyone is on the same page working together.

The problem is, an experienced COO earns six figures. And even if the owner of a small to mid-sized business were to hire an experienced COO to make sure their business runs more like a well-oiled machine and less like a fire drill, the fact remains that a full-time COO may be too much to shoulder if your annual revenues are under ten million dollars.

That’s why Custom Consulting Group outsources the job of COO for many small businesses who are grossing at least $250,000 a year. This fractional COO will conduct a diagnostic and assess the quality and quantity of your current structure and systems. They will identify, implement, and execute the most important operational procedures that contribute to your business running smoothly and profitably.

Then, based on the results of this diagnostic and using our proprietary process a customized plan will be proscribed to help you identify, think-through, document and implement professional quality policies and procedures in your business so it runs more profitably and with more predictability. Each month you will be inspired as you work closely together to improve your business, and you'll gain from coaching and practical advice on how to continue doing business your way.


What is Fractional HR ?


HR is a critical function for every organization, but with a barrage of day-to-day responsibilities, it can be difficult to allocate enough time to implement your high-impact initiatives. Partnering with CCG's team allows you to focus less on paperwork and procedure and more on your people.

Human Resources is a very time consuming aspect of your businesses, and it's the most critical aspect that should be done by a professional. The problem is, and experienced HR Manager earns six figures a year. Even if you are in need of this expertise in your business, most small to mid-sized businesses simply cannot shoulder the salary requirements to fill this position full-time.

That is why Custom Consulting Group outsources HR teams for many small businesses who are grossing at least $1,500,000 a year. This fractional HR team will evaluate and assess your HR needs and work with you in the following four ways:


  • Recruiting

  • Employee handbooks

  • Job descriptions & FLSA audits

  • Compensation analysis

  • HR audits

  • Performance management systems

  • Career paths

  • Workplace investigations


  • Fill-in during leave

  • Fill-in during transition between HR managers

  • Expansions, reorganizations, or downsizing

  • Starting up an HR department


  • Full responsibility for managing the HR function of the company

  • Responsibility for a specific HR function like recruiting, compensation and benefits, and more


  • Newly promoted HR professionals

  • HR assistant, financial staff or administrative assistant assuming HR functions

  • Management (HR or otherwise) accountable for strategic HR initiatives

What are Business 1-on-1s

If your business is not in need of constant improvement, you may only need a few sessions with a business advisor to problem solve, or want to improve as a leader and become more productive, Business 1-on1s are for you.

This revolutionary concept within business consulting is changing the way ​business owners and employees alike are getting vital business advice to take them to the next level. This hybrid approach combines the elements of counseling and business advisory services into a low cost, low commitment one-on-one format that can improve your success individually or as a business.

This service is recommended for anyone in any business and for any business owner of any sized business. Our business advisor will spend a short time getting to know you and your situation a little better, and then provide practical solutions to you problem. No topic is off limits. This is a place where you can be vulnerable without judgment, and receive counsel from an experienced business leader who has been in your shoes.