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CCG Work Assessment

Before you begin this assessment make sure you're in quiet setting without any distractions. Relax and be as honest as you can be. Remember this is a self-assessment, and there's no need to judge yourself. Just answer honestly to get the most accurate results.
Work Assessment

Part 1

I am sensitive.
I strive to have a unique style.
I look for meaning in just about everything.
I am often misunderstood.
I am highly creative.
Being authentic is important even if it means not being popular.
I tend to feel jealous of others even though I can't explain why.
I am comfortable with dark and intense emotions.
I can be pretty sentimental and long for the past.
I value self-awareness, following my heart, and always staying true to who I am.

Part 2

When I have an idea, I just go for it!
My independence is very important to me.
I am most likely to keep my options open.
I love thinking about my next adventure
New experiences make me come alive.
I hate being bored.
I am pretty good at finding the silver lining in most situations.
I can be pretty spontaneous and fun-loving.
I value pleasure, variety, and my freedom.
I am highly resilient and can bounce back from upsetting setbacks.

Part 3

I can be pretty hard on myself.
Several people in my life come to me for advice.
I am excellent at finding mistakes (typos, things out of place, etc.)
It's difficult for me to relax when I know there is so much to get done.
I find myself getting frustrated and irritated when things are not done correctly.
I belive that there is a right way to do everything.
I'm great at finding what needs to be fixed or corrected.
I am independent and can get things done on my own rather than depend on others.
I am a self-disciplined person.
I value truth, justice, and living by my values.

Part 4

I am known for my strength.
I have a tough exterior but most people don't realize that I am quite soft on the inside.
I want the outside world to understand that I am a force to be reckoned with.
Confrontation does not bother me.
I feel as though I can't let my guard down.
People have sometimes referred to me as being "too much" or coming on too strongly.
I often feel as though I need to protect myself, my loved ones, and those less fortunate.
I feel an overwhelming responsibility to always be a pillar of strength.
When I'm stressed, I tend to overanalyze to regain some form of control.
I value strength, leadership, and candor.
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